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What You Will Discover On This Weekly, Premiere Training Webinar:
In-Depth Teaching and Training
You'll learn the latest strategies, tips 
and insights on the topics that matter 
most in your media-based business, like book publishing, graphic design, marketing, social media, and MUCH more!
Software and Tech Demos
Software can be intimidating to learn, especially if you've never used it before. That's why we dedicate episodes to demystifying some of
the most popular software, like Photoshop and others.
Mind Hacks and Personal Growth
 Our success is directly tied to what we think and believe about ourselves and our ability to succeed. Our personal growth leads to business growth. These sessions are often the most important ones!
We live in a time when technology and social interaction is constantly evolving. HOW we buy and sell is changing. WHAT we buy and sell is changing. WHERE we buy and sell is changing. What has worked in the past...even just a few months ago...isn't necessarily effective now. And those not paying attention to the shifts are stuck in a downward spiral. Meanwhile, those reading the “signs of the times” are discovering new opportunities left and right!

Think about it...the opportunities we have available to us today are AWESOME! All we need is some guidance, a little encouragement and a healthy dose of courage and we...YOU...can do what was impossible 5 or 10 years ago!

The Goal of “Expert Media University”
The goal of “Expert Media University” is to shine a huge light on the path less travelled to help you discover the strategies, insights, tools, research and secrets necessary to succeed in this golden age of custom product creation!

In the tradition of “Expert Media Show” and “Creative Publishing Academy,” “Expert Media University” continues the tradition of live weekly trainings that keeps you on the BLEEDING EDGE of the best new product opportunities, innovative design strategies, in-depth software and business tutorials and step-by-step methods you won't find being taught elsewhere.
Keep Up With What‘s Changing and Evolving in Business...
Beginning February 5th, 2019, “Expert Media University” will be a weekly LIVE webinar training, beginning at 6pm ET where we will explore some of the most popular topics available in the Product Creation and Publishing space. I plan to use “Expert Media University” as one of my new, first-to-market training releases on topics including...
  • Publishing: This is a massive market that includes fiction and non-fiction, children's books, Kindle, low-content books, gift books and more.
  • Illustration: We use illustrations in many of our products, from books and posters to t-shirts and mugs. This includes photographs as well!
  • eCommerce: Some of the product creation opportunities in eCommerce are amazing, with new, cutting-edge products being added weekly.
  • Software: One of the best ways to find out about and learn to use software is to have someone who knows it to guide you!
  •  Public Domain: They say content is king! I agree. We ALL need media content of all types, and you will find it in the Public Domain!
  •  Maker: With today's rapidly improving online and offline technologies, we can make literally anything using plastics, wood, metal and other natural materials. 
Here is a partial listing of the first several Session Titles for “Expert Media University”...
    • 77 Methods for Profiting From Public Domain Content: We are kicking off EMU with a bang! In this series of sessions, we will
      explore the best ways to profit using Public Domain content, with a special focus on publishing and images. I will likely cover 7 -
      11 Methods per session.

    • Marketplace Income Machine: I will be sharing how Kristen and I (and a few others) are leveraging Facebook Marketplace as a
      sales channel. Arbitrage is at the core of all physical product low and sell high. I'll reveal some of our secrets and
      share examples of how to generate cash in hours!

    • Illustrate Your Stories: In this EMU series, we will establish the foundational strategies any children's book author can use to
      write, illustrate and publish their own books.

    • Hot Seats: Each month I will open up one of the weeks for submissions to have me coach them LIVE. Want feedback on your
      book cover, product idea, ecom product, etc.? This will be your ONLY chance to get live video coaching from me personally.

    • And MUCH More: The Sessions listed above are just the beginning with plenty of comprehensive training to come!
Your Investment Today...
Having both LIVE and ongoing replay access to an entire year's worth (52 weeks) of cutting-edge training is honestly an easy decision at $1,997! 

I am a FIRM believer that you get what you pay for and investing in your business and future success is NOT something you want to cut corners with. 

That said, I also want to offer the best I can at an investment anyone can afford. Your success means my success.

The regular, post Introductory Offer pricing for “Expert Media University” will be $997 for the year! That's 52 hourlong+ trainings for a fraction of what they would cost you sold as a series of courses. 

But during this limited-time, launch for “Expert Media University” I am going to give you an additional, crazy additional $500 discount! 

Today, for a very limited time, you can have FULL weekly access to every live webinar training and replay for an entire year for... 
Just $997 $497
(One-Time Payment)
Here is what I've included in today's investment...

    • Access to the Weekly LIVE Webinars. Join in with the discussions, ask questions and more!
    • Ongoing Access to the Replay. Watch the weekly trainings anytime that suits you best.
    • Slide PDFs of each weekly training. You'll be able to easily access resource links and more!
Early-Bird BONUSES...
For those who register today at the Introductory Rate, you will ALSO gain access to two extremely valuable bonuses that I almost never offer...

    • Download Access to ALL 52 Webinars. I almost never allow downloading of my trainings.
    Transcripts of ALL 52 Webinars. These will be automated transcripts, edited and formatted.
Sign-Up for “Expert Media University” Today...
To Recap: Your Investment Today Includes...

    • Access to the Weekly LIVE Webinars. 
    • Ongoing Access to the Replays. 
    • Slide PDFs of each weekly training. 

And Early Bird Bonuses...

    • Download Access to ALL 52 Webinars.
    • Transcripts of ALL 52 Webinars.
Just $997 $497
(One-Time Payment)
Please Note: Due to the ongoing LIVE nature of this training, no refunds or partial refunds will be given.
“Expert Media University” 3-Pay Option...
To Recap: Your Investment Today Includes...

    • Access to the Weekly LIVE Webinars. 
    • Ongoing Access to the Replays. 
    • Slide PDFs of each weekly training. 

And Early Bird Bonuses...

    • Download Access to ALL 52 Webinars.
    • Transcripts of ALL 52 Webinars.
Just 3-Payments of $297 $177
(Three (3) Monthly Payments of $177. One Due TODAY...then One Each Month to Total $531.)
Please Note: Due to the ongoing LIVE nature of this training, no refunds or partial refunds will be given.
Canceling your Subscription before completion will result in losing complete access to ALL Expert Media University training.
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